All about Pongal from a Localite

Introduction: Pongal

Pongal is a harvest celebration in Tamil Nadu, the south most state of India. It is likewise referred to as “Thai Pongal”. The word ‘Thai’ is one of the months name in Tamil language. In general, people throughout the state enjoy crops grown in their own lands in January of every year. Then they celebrate the Pongal to convey their appreciation to the Sun as well as Cattle those that helped for cultivation. There is a renowned quote in Tamil Language called “thai piranthaal vazhi pirakkum” which suggests “all the good things will begin to happen once the month Thai (January) begins/ Every issue will be resolved in an excellent method.”

Four-Day event

Thai Pongal is a four-day celebration. Specifically Bogi, Thai Pongal, Perumpongal/Mattu Pongal as well as Karinaal.
Day: Bogi – individuals celebrate bogi by burning old clothes and also outfits
2nd Day: Thai Pongal – Prepare boiled rice and prayer the Sun god. This is an act of supplying the boiled rice to the Sun.
Third Day: Perum Pongal/Mattu Pongal – A kind of preparing boiled rice (rice extracted from just reaped paddy) skilled with cow’s milk (A2). Individuals say “Pongalo Pongal” out loud when the rice outrages.
Fourth Day: Karinaal – play Jallikattu (Bull-Taming sporting activity), cook non-vegetarian and so on

. A Tamil Joint Family Celebrates Pongal

I talked to the head of the household. He claimed “Me as well as my 4 sons’ households collect here to celebrate it. We are about 50 members in our family members. Each household contributes 3500 to 5000 rupees including my family for this event to earn it big. We buy new mud pots each year to steam the rice, buy new clothes for male members as well as brand-new dresses for women members to wear on during this festival. The Mattu (cows and also bulls) Pongal day is unique for us. We bathe our very own livestocks on today, we painting their horns, we enhance them like a god and also we worship them. We take well grown paddies, remove husks to obtain excellent rice and use this rice to prepare Pongal. We do not taste it. We first feed the Pongal to each cattle without stop working. It is our success to reveal our appreciation because they helped us to cultivate the rice and also various other veggies that we consume on a daily basis. We rest in a row to consume. Our household participants will certainly look extremely vibrant on now. I can see grinning faces.” Consistency blooms while we gather for celebration, he added. I was longing to eat together with them and was awaiting his invite. At last he welcomed me to eat. However, I delighted in the town food accuracies including Pongal.


In my viewpoint, this is a popular thanks offering typical celebration of Tamil Nadu. As a Tamilian, I await every Tamil New year occasion to see advantages take place. I have strong idea in the quote “thai printhaal vazhi pirakkum” given that have been instilled so. There is no area for superstitious notion due to the fact that it has a rational factor behind this depend on. Individuals will clearly generate income by selling their recently gathered crops. This amount will certainly aid them to purchase and do good ideas. There is no doubt in taking place auspicious cases. We will satisfy in another write-up soon. Thank you for analysis.